Director of Compliance

Nicole Richards is the Director of Compliance at S&E Holdings, LLC. In 2014, Nicole began working with S & E Holdings, LLC as an onsite Marketing Manager. She received her HCCP designation in 2016 and began directing all tax credit recertifications for River Ridge at Canton, a 356-unit mixed use Class A property. In 2017, she left River Ridge at Canton to assume a Property Manager position with Dominium Management Services, which is one of the nation’s largest affordable housing management companies. Her success and dedication were soon rewarded with increased occupancy and superior operating achievements.

In April 2018, Nicole was offered the Director of Compliance position for S&E Holdings, LLC but declined as she wanted to continue to dedicate her career to strengthening her management skills. As such she gained invaluable supervisory experience. Nicole returned to River Ridge at Canton as the Property Manager in August, 2018. Once she reached all management goals, she realized that the compliance aspect of affordable housing is what interests her the most. Nicole was promoted to Director of Compliance for S & E Holdings, LLC in April, 2020.

As the Director of Compliance, Nicole ensures all LIHTC, HUD, section 8 and HOME requirements are met. She ensures all monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to each state agency is submitted in a timely manner. Nicole has created a checklist to ensure site staff have a better understanding of what is needed to excel in LIHTC file requirements. Nicole works as the liaison between the company and the various agencies as well as the liaison for staff to ask questions to obtain the information and complete all steps in the compliance certification and recertification processes. Annually, Nicole calculates and distributes all Utility Allowances, Rent limits and Income limits in a timely manner. Her attention to detail guarantees satisfactory audit reviews. When Nicole receives a file for compliance review, she will spend the time needed to review and incorporate the initial certification information as well as other tested procedures. Nicole attends continuing education courses yearly to keep up to date on all regulation changes and is a recipient of and distributes all other regulatory additions or revisions, throughout the various states in the portfolio. Along with random on line file audits, Nicole readily travels to the various sites to perform file reviews and attend state and investor audits. It is Nicole’s intuitive knowledge of LIHTC and various other regulatory governance that makes her an invaluable asset as she Directs the Compliance for S&E Holdings.