Consulting Services

S&E Holdings, LLC offers a comprehensive menu of consulting services built on decades of expertise in the Multifamily Management, Asset Management and Development Industries. Our hands-on personalized services will assure that our contract with you will be both beneficial and economically sound. We offer “bang for your buck” and guarantee you will see results as every contract is custom built to your specific needs.

The following menu is a comprehensive list of our services, which are often updated as new, improved and innovative methods and practices in our industry are frequently being developed and are ever changing. Our ability to stay abreast of new opportunities in software, processes, social media and marketing are what make our services invaluable. We review and often partner with various vendors in order to advise our clients as we test the use of a myriad of products and services available to our industry.

We offer comprehensive consulting, training and implementation:

Most Contracts for Consulting are priced by the scope of work. LIHTC Compliance File Reviews are priced per file on a sliding scale. Training Seminars are a set fee with the only variations due to travel versus online training. REAC Inspection services are based on the number of units. Tax Assessment Appeals are billed on a “percentage of savings.”

Administrative Property Management Procedures

As the owner of a developing or newly developed property, or a newly acquired investment property; you may have decided to self-manage. We applaud your decision because no one manages the shop like the owner. To this end we can guide you through the various requirements based on your financing, state requirements or your own personal preferences. Managing your property requires Policies and Procedures for the property as well as Employee Handbooks for those you will hire to implement these procedures. We will help you with everything from Corporate Identity to hiring Multifamily professionals, maintenance procedures, real estate insurance requirements, property management software, and comprehensive financial reporting. We have a complete library of forms ready to go and will customize every agreement from the Lease Agreement to Rules and Regulations based on your state’s Landlord/Tenant law as well as compliance with Affirmative Fair Housing and Marketing plans, and any other governing documents and procedures.

Corporate Identity Development

Now more than ever, it is important to set your property apart from the pack! Multifamily Communities are going up everywhere as the population is more and more equally divided between those who favor renting versus the often-overwhelming responsibility of traditional home ownership. We employ a vast array of options to move your property in front of your potential market of apartment shoppers. From the development of a sophisticated logo to websites, virtual tours, signage, social media presence and on to brochures, floor plans and stationery; Our skill set and experience pulls from various concept artists and will produce several options pertinent to your development’s unique location, qualities, and amenities.

Customer Service Training and Seminars

A first impression is the most important and the hardest to overcome. If it’s good, it will be difficult to dissuade the prospect that you are anything but the best. If it’s mediocre, the prospect will keep shopping. But if it’s bad, it will take a huge effort to correct.

We are living in an environment where one-on-one interaction and telephone etiquette are more and more ineffective. Our industry must train our front line leasing and management personnel to take advantage of the dwindling one on one leasing pitch and to treat it as an exciting opportunity. We train your personnel to respond with confidence, positive comments and enthusiasm while conveying a concise script of pertinent information that entices the prospect to make an appointment and to keep it. Once you have them in the door, working the close is just that much easier. We train that the telephone prospect is the all important first step in leasing. We believe that the prospect who walks in the door is a bird in the hand and so the close is yours’ to lose…so don’t!

We train your maintenance staff on the proper interaction with residents and how to respond whether in passing or working on a repair order in a resident's unit. It is crucial to train maintenance staff on acceptable information that may be shared with residents but even more so on infromation that they should not share! Maintenance etiquette is very important as the polite, on time and respectful maintenance technician who may not be able to finish a repair because of needing a part that is not on hand, will not garner the ire of even the most impatient resident when the information is delivered with polite and informative professionalism.

We train your staff on how to effectively go out into your community and hit the sidewalk with your marketing materials and effective information that will spread throughout the neighborhood. While your social media presence is important, equally important is positive word of mouth.

Marketing Specials: We have tried it, tossed it, or improved it and we will share our successes with your staff. We customize our training to fit your specific needs.

Due Diligence and Comprehensive Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling, a comprehensive inspection is a must.

If you are selling you will need to be aware of what the potential buyer may see when they perform their due diligence.

As a buyer, you want to know exactly what you are getting into. As a seller, I am amazed at the process of Due Diligence performed by many of the consultants in our industry. Inspections consistently miss the important areas and potential hazards. The questionnaires are spotty and nonspecific. As a property manager it stuns me that the most important questions to ask and the pertinent information to gather is often completely over looked.As a result, we can help you develop operating budgets with realistic expectations that will give you the information you need to determine the viability of the property you are purchasing…or not.

We provide inspection services from the point of view of the asset and property manager. We know what to look for and we know what questions to ask. Our inspections and reports are comprehensive.

Emergency/Natural Disaster Response

Natural Disasters, Storms, Blizzards, Deep Freeze, and Pandemics. The litany of emergencies that happen without warning is ever growing and time consuming. If you don’t know what to do or where to turn your property will suffer the effects, unabated. We are here to help and guide you through the most difficult situations.

We are successfully navigating the COVID 19 pandemic with only 7 confirmed cases as of April 1st, 2021 and no fatalities. We have achieved forbearance on replacement reserve payments, cash flow payments and quickly gained approval and funding from the Paycheck Protection Act for our owners. We are poised for mortgage forbearance should the need arise but we are effectively working with our residents and collections are on par or in some cases better than before the Pandemic. We have successfully navigated Super Storm Sandy in New Jersey, dealt with surprise ice storms and blizzards in Georgia and deep freeze conditions through-out our various portfolios. We know what to do and when to do it. Most importantly, we know how to alert and train your management staff and residents to act accordingly before disasters strike and we can do it for you, as well.

Financial Oversight and Asset Management Service

We will provide a thorough review of monthly financial reporting gathered from your property management company. With decades of experience and an eye on value engineering, utilizing our review of all vendors, contracts and processes, utilizing third party review often results in questions and solutions that contribute to more economical and efficient operations.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance Systems and File Review/Audit/State Pre-Audit preperations

We will formulate LIHTC file review customized for your state’s unique requirements. Our Director of Compliance and staff will professionally review your files for Certification and recertification, online with corrective action checklists to provide guidance prior to move-in or lease renewal. We incorporate additional innovative processes that help to insure your file and property compliance with even the toughest state agency requirements, Land Use Restrictions and all other governing documents. We will formulate your UAs, determine your max rents and income limits on an annual basis.

LIHTC compliance can be offered as an ongoing service or as a one-time third-party audit that provides consistency or review, prior to a state or agency audit. We offer the maintenance review component as well.

LEED Compliance/Green buildings/Green Roof/No Smoking

Your development has additional LEED requirements, a Green Building, a Green Roof or all prohibitive No Smoking Policy; Now what do we do? We will implement and direct compliance with your restrictive agreements, while developing policies, pamphlets and training sessions with your residents.

In addition, if that Green Roof is now leaking, we can facilitate a trouble shooting procedure to help you try and avoid removal or replacement as we have been there and successfully navigated all of the above.

LIHTC 8609 Compliance/LURA Compliance

Your development has 8609s which define the requirements for LIHTC compliance in the BINS as assigned by the Internal Revenue Service and your state. Now what? We will set up your rent roll to comply with your governing documents and to make sure it syncs with your 8609s and is incorporated into your software, whenever possible. We train your staff how not to violate the next available unit rule and what to do when a tenant goes over 140% of median. It’s a complicated process and a second set of eyes reviewing the restrictive covenants of your governing documents is a good investment. Setting up unit designations correctly and then locking it down within your software will greatly aid your development in compliance.

I have received an 8823! Now what?

We will guide you through the process to correct 8823s. The last thing you want to go through is tax credit recapture. If you have received an 8823 and you need help, we will respond immediately and to the best of our ability. We consider this a critical situation and will do our best to turn all of our attention to help you correct any and all deficiencies, as soon as possible.

Management Procedures and Policies and Procedures-Development

We have written the basic book for the management of multifamily property and all other pertinent leasing contracts, agreements, rules and regulations, state requirements, security deposit agreements We are ready to customize our efforts to fit your needs.

New Construction and Rehabilitation Project Management

If you are about to rehabilitate a property, and you need a “Rehab Matrix”, we can do that. If you need to consolidate your residents for a gut rehab? We can do that. We can facilitate HUD mandated relocation processes. We can manage your rehabilitation construction.

We offer new construction oversight, financial/draw management and compliance with state and/or agency requirements.

Property Management Software Customization and training

Choosing your operating software is not a simple process. We can help with that! The important process to master is making your new software work for you. Software options have become limitless and often developers and managers end up buying a lot of applications that never gets used or are used ineffectively. We will train your staff on the most efficient use of your property management software and help you discover the full usefulness of your operating system.

Property Repositioning for Sale or “Qualified Contract/Put to the State”

We can help you change your image and change your clientele. We can reposition your property for sale or for a Qualified Contract to convert from affordable to market. Market surveys and viability reports-we can do that.

We can advise you on exterior design improvements and interior redecorating with a vast array of options for economical improvements. Curb appeal and interior aesthetics for the prevailing market is a must!

REAC Inspection Services

REAC changes are upon us. We stay on top of the latest changes and requirements and we take training courses annually with REAC Inspectors to gain valuable insight.

A notice for inspections can now be dropped on you with as little as two weeks’ notice. Knowing how to navigate the REAC contractors, avoid the QA inspections with a HUD official and what to do if it happens anyway, are situations we have vast experience with. We offer a comprehensive and proven successful “stop light” matrix of REAC inspection reporting. We guide you through the spreadsheet report of what has to be done to avoid the largest deductions based on the resources you are willing to expend. We know when to pick up the phone and inquire of your mortgage lender for you HUD insured mortgage if they are ordering a REAC per the last inspection’s score. Why wait? Get ready now to pass that REAC with flying colors!

Tax Assessment Appeal

We will review your real estate tax assessment for a flat fee of $250.00. We will then determine if we believe there is sufficient information that indicates a reduction in your assessment is feasible, before we proceed. Our reassessment fee is then based on 50% of the savings we realize if we are successful on a reduction of your assessment. Our fee is negotiable on a sliding scale.

Troubled Asset/ Refinance Analysis

Refinancing options on troubled assets is a complicated and intensive process. We review these situations on a case by case basis. Our principal who facilitates this process has an exemplary track record.

Value Engineering Survey

As an owner, you often just wonder if you are operating your property as efficiently and economically as possible. We can help you answer that.

We will take your operations apart piece by piece; value engineer, compare and shop each piece and put it back together with a comprehensive report on our findings and recommendations for changes and improvements.

We have done our best to quickly outline the services where we feel we can offer expert advice and guidance. If you feel your situation is more unique than what we have listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to work with you or guide you to someone who can help you. We have a vast network of professionals who may be more appropriate to your specific needs.